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FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2024

The Psychology Department and ISGRJ will host an invite-only Multidisciplinary Multiracial Research Conference at Rutgers on Friday, March 22. People who can claim more than one racial identity represent one of the fastest growing populations in America. Leading scholars will convene from various fields including Communication, Education, Ethnic Studies, Psychology, and Social Work to discuss topics such as Multiracial socialization, health, discrimination, identity, and representation through portraiture.


  • Dr. Jacqueline Chen (University of Utah)

    •  Social Categorization of Multiracial Individuals.

  • Dr. Sarah Gaither (Duke University)

    • "Mixed" Pathways to Flexible Thinking.

  • Dr. McKenzie Green (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    •  Looking Beyond the “Half” to see the Whole: Prioritizing Anti-Essentialism and Intersectionality in Multiracial Research. 

  • Dr. Stephanie Grilo (Columbia University)

    • Multiracial Narratives: Discrimination, Identity and Healthcare Experiences.

  • Dr. Ralina Joseph (University of Washington, Seattle)

    • Racial Exhaustion and Multiracial Kids: Radical Listening for Multiplicity.

  • Dr. Paige Lloyd (University of Denver)

    • Multiracial Person Perception - Applications to Healthcare Equity.

  • Dr. Adrienne Nishina (University of California, Davis)

    • Multiracial Youth, Peers, and Looking Toward the Future.

  • Dr. Gabriela Livas Stein (University of Texas, Austin)

    • Multiracial Socialization: From Conceptualization to Identity Processes.

  • Samantha Wall

    • Indivisible: Representing Multiracial Identity through Portraiture.

Interested in attending?

Early Career Scholars

If you are an early career scholar interested in attending our conference, please apply for the travel award by February 15th. To qualify you must either be a graduate student or postdoctoral student whose main area of focus is multiracial research. The application will include a request for your CV and a 500-word statement on why you want to attend the conference. See application.

For more information: 

Please reach out to Oretioluwasefunmi Agbelusi for more information:

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